On ne naît pas soumise, on le devient , Flammarion, October, 2018.

        I authored a revised and extended English version, entitled We Are Not Born Submissive: How Patriarchy Shapes Women’s Lives, published by Princeton University Press in March 2021.

        Forthcoming in translation with Siglo XXI (Mexico and Argentina, March ‘21), Suhrkamp Verlag (Germany, May ‘21), Misuzu Shobo (Japan), Tao Zhi Yao Yao (China), Ecolivres (South Korea).

        Reviews of the French version (academic presses): Philosophiques; Simone de Beauvoir Studies; Gender, Work, and Organization; Nouvelles Questions Féministes


    “From Oppression to Independence : Beauvoir’s Philosophy of Love in The Second Sex” (« De l’oppression à l’indépendance. La philosophie de l’amour dans Le Deuxième Sexe »), Philosophie, n° 144, Janvier 2020, pp. 48-63

    “Living Philosophy: Beauvoir’s Memoirs as a philosophical ‘œuvre’” (« Vivre la philosophie : les Mémoires comme œuvre philosophique »), Littérature, n° 191, September 2018, pp. 53-67.


    With Julie Mazaleigue-Labaste and Alicia-Dorothy Mornington (eds.), Envers et revers du consentementParis, Mare & Martin, manuscript submitted and accepted, forthcoming spring 2021.

    Textes-clés de philosophie féministe (“Key Texts of Feminist Philosophy”), Paris, Vrin (main academic publisher of philosophy in France), January 2021.

        The book is the first reader in feminist philosophy ever published in France. In addition to translating key texts of Anglophone feminist philosophy, I author a significant introduction of around 40 pages.

    with Raphaël Ehrsam, “Perspectives Philosophiques sur Le Deuxième Sexe de Simone de Beauvoir paru il y a 70 ans”, Philosophie, n° 144, January 2020. 


    Preface to the French translation of Kate Kirkpatrick’s Becoming Beauvoir – Devenir Beauvoir: Une vie de liberté, Paris, Flammarion, 2020.

    Review of Sonia Kruks’ Simone de Beauvoir and the Politics of Ambiguity (Oxford University Press, 2012), Revue française de science politique, 65 (4), 2015, p. 681-682.