For details about my dissertation, see the Dissertation abstract in my Curriculum Vitae. 


Review of Sonia Kruks’ Simone de Beauvoir and the Politics of Ambiguity (Oxford University Press, 2012), Revue française de science politique, 65 (4), 2015, p. 681-682.

‘Is Woman a Homo Oeconomicus?’ (Fr. « La femme est-elle un homme économique comme les autres?»), Multitudes, n°42, Fall 2010. homme


On ne naît pas soumise, on le devient (“One is not born, but rather becomes, submissive”), Flammarion, under contract, forthcoming October 2018.  

Textes-clés de philosophie féministe (“Key Texts of Feminist Philosophy”), Vrin (main academic publisher of philosophy in France), under contract, forthcoming January 2019. The book is the first reader in feminist philosophy ever published in France. In addition to translating key texts of Anglophone feminist philosophy, I author a significant introduction of around 40 pages.

Papers under review

Women’s Bodies and Consent to Submission in Beauvoir’s Second Sex

 “Feminism and the Essentially Contested Concept of ‘Woman’”